Stefano Corradini


Birth Date: 1963

Nationality: Italian

First Jump: November 1981

Total Jumps: 5,700+

Home DZ: BFU reggio Emilia, Italy

Licenses/Ratings: Parachute – Number Enac BLQ-0816

Performance Designs, Rigging Innovation, Bertrand

Maintenance Manager in MarazziGroup-Mohawk S.P.A.

High School in Electronic and computer technician

PPL pilot license with 500 hours of activity of the launch of the parachutist, bicycle, swim, running, skiing, shooting

Main Canopy: PD Zero 295

Container: Atom Axis

Reserve Canopy: PD Optimum 143

Helmet: Soft Helmet

Jumpsuit: Bertrand

Altimeter: Viso 2

Total Skydives: 5,700+

Accuracy: 97%

RW/FS: 3%

Cutaways: 0

Over 80 podiums with a team, 26 gold, 25 silver, 29 bronze

Date Competition Location Event Result
2019 Dolomiti Cup Belluno (ITA) Accuracy 1st individual, 1st Team
2017 Dolomiti Cup Belluno (ITA) Accuracy 1st individual, 1st Team
2017 Italian Championships A&C Montagnana (ITA) Accuracy 2nd individual
2015 Word Cup Series Bled (SLO) Accuracy 3rd individual
2014 Dolomiti Cup Belluno (ITA) Accuracy 2nd individual
2013 Besutti Trophy Mantova (ITA) Accuracy 2nd individual
2012 Valdera Trophy Forcoli (ITA) Accuracy 2nd individual
2012 Italian Campionships A&C Forcoli (ITA) Accuracy 1st individual
2010 European Championship E.U.P. Nicosia (Cipro) Accuracy 2nd individual
2009 Italian Campionships A&C Fermo (ITA) Accuracy 2nd individual
2008 Italian Campionships A&C Pavullo (ITA) Accuracy 2nd individual
2008 Pavullo City Trophy Pavullo (ITA) Accuracy 3rd individual
2007 Montagnana City Trophy Montagnana (ITA) Accuracy 1st individual
2005 Italian Campionships A&C Reggio Emilia (ITA) Accuracy 1st team
2004 European Championship E.U.P. Alcantarilla (Spain) Accuracy 1st individual
2004 ParaShow Roma (ITA) Accuracy 2nd individual
2003 European Cup Opatjia (CR) Accuracy 3rd individual master
1999 Italian Championships ANPD’i Forcoli (ITA) Accuracy 1st individual
1999 Alpe Adria Cup Graz (AT) Accuracy 3rd individual master
1997 Tricolor Trophy Reggio Emilia (ITA) Accuracy 3rd individual
1995 6th Belluno City Trophy Belluno (ITA) Accuracy 1st individual
1995 Italian Cup Belluno (ITA) Accuracy 2nd individual
1993 Italian Campionships ANPD’i Verona (ITA) Accuracy 3rd individual
1992 Italian Campionships ANPD’i Bologna (ITA) Accuracy 1st individual